Wear Management

The PDS team understands what information is valuable to Reliability Engineers and Long Term Maintenance Planners. Developed for conveyor systems in the mining industry, the PDS Wear Management module is currently being used across multiple sites and companies within the coal and iron ore industry in Australia. The software tracks over $250 million of belt stock with one miner alone. 

The PDS Wear Management is used for interrogating belt cover wear, belt cover hardness and predicting product, operational and environmental influences that may have negative effects on conveyor belt life. It provides the user with a summary of conveyor belts requiring action based on greater than average changes in cover thickness and cover hardness.  It also provides a summary of wear and hardness results for all conveyors within the system and is used to manage conveyor belt replacements and procurement. PDS trained technicians can also assist with accurate data collection using ultrasonic testing.
With the extension of Wear Managements’ capabilities, PDS has developed wear tracking on other assets such as Shuttle Wheels and Chute liners. The PDS Wear Management module is readily adaptable to any wearing component that needs to be tracked and managed.  PDS has recently developed the system for HPGR rollers in an iron ore crushing facility.
The PDS Wear Management and PDS Complex Mapping modules allow for the capture and analysis of data from the wearing elements on the roller to predict end of life and wear rates across the face of the roller.  This information can be used to analyse issues causing excessive or uneven wear so that rectification can occur prior to the need for replacement. It also allows planning of maintenance windows to allow change out with surety. It replaces an onsite Excel spreadsheet that was time consuming and lacked visibility or easy analysis. PDS Wear management allows easy input of wear records saving further data entry.
PDS can see applications for Wear Management in many industries outside mining for wear components such as processing plants, mobile machinery, rail wheel interface to name a few.

PDS Complex Mapping

Productivity Development Solutions recently implemented the PDS Complex Mapping tool after a number of requests from sites that were finding difficulty tracking assets with multiple wear surfaces. 
The best example of this is large transfer chutes in hard rock operations. There was no easy way for sites to track the wear information of individual wear tiles in the chutes or have a clear wear history.  This meant they could not optimise procurement or stock holding.  It also made it very difficult to identify areas where intervention was required to minimise damage.
There are of course many assets that have multiple wear surfaces such as mobile machinery, crushers, feeders, truck bodies, wheel sets and many more.  Regardless of the asset or industry if there are multiple wear surfaces the complex mapping tool will enable far better wear reporting.


PDS is always improving the way in which data is reported to the customer and key stake holders as either full reports or dash board reports within the software.  There are already a large variety of reporting options available to customers which have been developed through our experience in conjunction with customer feedback. PDS can create customised reporting to suit your particular business needs or KPI reporting.



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