Idler Management

Mining companies know only too well the substantial costs associated with unscheduled down time on conveyor operations. The conveyor idler is one of the highest consistent downtime causes on conveyors. Whilst it is impossible to prevent idler failures, it is possible to control their financial impact with the PDS Idler Management Module.
The PDS Idler Management software offers a complete solution to the real-time prediction and management of idler failure. Information is captured on ruggedized, handheld devices and relayed via Wi-Fi or 3G for synchronisation with the desktop application. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and inconvenient paperwork and minimises inspection and administration costs. 
In order to have a comprehensive condition-management-solution, multiple failure detection methods are required. PDS Idler Management ties all this information together into a single point of reference with the capacity to identify trends that need to be targeted with engineering solutions. PDS Idler Management offers dynamic forecasting that may be lacking from the individual reports usually provided. It integrates factors such as scheduling across multiple shutdown windows, coordinating resources and managing idler stocks. PDS Idler Management allows for statistical analysis of historical failures looking at usage, location, MTBF and maintenance effectiveness. In addition, PDS Idler Management ensures site compliance to AS 4024 Safety of Machinery (AS/NZS 4024.3611:2015 Conveyors-Belt conveyors for bulk materials handing)
PDS is always improving the way in which data is reported to the customer and key stake holders as either full reports or dash board reports within the software.  There are already a large variety of reporting options available to customers which have been developed through our experience in conjunction with customer feedback. PDS can create customised reporting to suit your particular business needs or KPI reporting.
Idler Management Case Study
A typical conveyor has between 700 to 7000 idlers, 2% to 3% of these can fail at any one time, how do I know which one has failed?
An underground coal mine in NSW Australia identified that Idler delays were increasing at an alarming rate to 181.5 hours per annum. The mine was experiencing an accelerated shell failure due to corrosion but had no documented system to manage the change-out of idlers nor a system for the recording and analysis of idler delays.
A lack of training in detecting failing idlers and inefficient planning leading to high maintenance costs.
PDS conducted an audit of idlers used on site. In conjunction with the workforce, PDS designed and installed Idler Tags to capture failures during inspections. The PDS Idler Management Software was introduced to capture failure records, report on corrective work required and provide statistical evidence of failures.
  • Successfully achieved over a 50% reduction in idler delays.
  • Cost benefit through efficient planning of labour.
  • Improved safety performance.
  • Operating cost saving of estimated $1.5m pa.

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