Engineering Services

Reliability Centred Maintenance

PDS has developed methodologies and techniques to facilitate Preventative Maintenance Strategy development. Through the use of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) principles, we have produced a rigorous and analytical process to identify the failure modes and failure root causes of system functional failures and to determine the most appropriate way to manage those failures.
The typical outcomes are scheduled routine maintenance job tasks by frequency and labour type that support Business Workflow practices (scheduling & resource management) and provide a traceable strategy that can be maintained and kept 'current' for the life of the asset. We have now successfully completed PM reviews for a number of customers (Blue Circle, OneSteel and Xstrata Coal) and are refining our processes all the time to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.
Armed with the knowledge of what is “good” practice, our Maintenance Strategy Services (both Electrical and Mechanical) shape the level of professionalism we offer our customers. We have training in Reliasofts’ Availibility Work Bench application as well as RCM2 facilitator training conducted by engineers. We believe our experience in mining puts us in a position to value add to the outcome of the RCM’s we conduct as it allows us to ask all the right questions.  Obviously there are synergies with the other services and products that we offer that allow us to provide a complete solution to our clients maintenance needs.

Audits and Inspections

Are you safety compliant? Are your business operations running as efficiently as possible?

Productivity Development Solutions (PDS) has facilitated and participated in a number of plant audits designed to assess safety compliance as well as throughput capability. Through a process of design review, delay analysis, condition assessment and process review we can develop a detailed understanding of operational hazards to personnel and functional bottlenecks that contribute to unplanned downtime. Through these assessments PDS have assisted customers to develop short and long term action plans and scope detailed upgrade feasibility reports.
The PDS compliance audits, based on Australian Standards, enable customers to meet and exceed national compliance and corporate regulations.   

PDS' extensive experience conducting audits and inspections began in the mining industry but is relevant to most industrial applications including transport, power generation and distribution, water management, communications, waste management, emergency services and civil defence.

Mining Specific Audits

PDS has years of experience in developing equipment strategies for conveyors, plant and mining across mine sites in NSW, Queensland and WA. We understand the functionally of mining equipment, what components fail, how they fail and when they can be expected to fail. With this level of knowledge, we can produce accurate reports on the root cause of failure and not just report on what is wrong.

Our inspection services support our customers’ businesses by ensuring safety compliance through accurate independent reporting of the condition of mining assets. Our inspection reports are generated using our own technology and reflects an industry standard adopted by a large number of service providers and mining companies across Australia.
Regulatory compliance to Australian Standards and Mine Safety guidelines such as MDG41 present a significant, ongoing obligation to mining operations. Using the PDS software, Productivity Development Solutions has conducted compliance audits to AS1657 and MDG41.

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