Asset Management

Traditional asset management is paper-based, typically without consistent structure or process. Data collection often involves multiple sources, making it difficult to get real-time data, plus users have to utilise a variety of systems increasing the risk of miscommunication.

The PDS Asset Management software provides a system for keeping accurate records of  assets including warranties, manuals and installation and removal dates.
Using the add-on module PDS Work Management and Inspections, customers can then define, digitally capture and complete routine maintenance tasks.
The PDS Asset Management module is the backbone of all of the PDS software and is designed to capture technical specification data on installed components.
Linking condition based information, the module can be used to:
  • Rationalise components across site
  • Generate equipment bill of materials
  • Catalogue installed component details

The PDS software’s flexibility allows asset inspections from any industry to be conducted effectively and efficiently.

The use of the 3G data network means that remote field checks are available in real time allowing expedient reporting and rectification of hazards or failures.

The use of Hazardous Zone 1 approved PDAs allows for checks to be conducted in hazardous areas in the chemical and petrochemical environments.



The PDS software generates configurable reports which can be accessed in real-time from anywhere in the world allowing you to schedule effective and targeted maintenance.
Some of the reports which can be generated from PDS Asset  Management include:
  • Belt Joints Report / Belt Sections Report 
  • Tracking Devices Report
  • Gearboxes Report / Gearboxes Detail Report
  • Cleaning Systems Report
  • Skirting Systems Report
  • Monitoring Devices Report
  • Motors Report / Motors Detail Report
  • Pulleys Report / Pulleys Detail Report
  • Idler Types Report / Structure Types Report
  • General Equipment Report


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