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Maintenance is often overlooked during the design and construction of business assets. Driven by the need to minimise capital outlay and tight project timelines, we inherit poor design or the incorrect specification of components in the final project. This results in higher maintenance costs, higher whole of life operational costs and a reduction in the availability and or reliability of the asset. To combat these issues, PDS conducts RCM Facilitation and maintenance strategy reviews.

By challenging design decisions and analysing functional specifications in detail, PDS knows that maintenance strategies, based on RCM principles, deliver a better understanding of assets and provide a payback on maintenance costs.

To get the most effective results, all maintenance strategies, whether for a multi-million dollar mining asset or for a multi-room ski apartment building, must be supported by a dynamic Asset Management reporting tool. A tool that allows the capture of condition management information that delivers a whole of business approach and supports collaborative communication. This asset management tool must have a strong Implementation plan, to ensure the engagement and ownership of operations and maintenance staff. This way, the systems and procedures that are put in place are sustainable and will continue to grow with the changing of workforces, contractors and managers to help optimise the performance of a business’s assets for their expected life.

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Peter McCurdy - Business & Product Development Manager

Peter is responsible for business growth, direction and driving PDS products into the market. Peter is passionate about the development of technology and educating customers in the use of “smart” systems. His extensive background and experience in Materials Handling in both Australia and overseas allows him to integrate those experiences into our technology and solutions.


Ricki Southgate - Sales Support Field Services

Sandra Hordern - Accounts Administrator

Andrew Morphett - Customer Support Consultant

Cale Banfield - Systems Administrator / Java Developer

Richard Cordero - iOS Developer

Eduardo Domasig - .NET Developer

Bill Keir - Computations / Database Developer

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