PDS Reporting

The PDS software comes with a variety of reporting options available to customers which have been developed in conjunction with customer feedback. PDS can create customised reporting to meet a particular business need or KPI reporting.


PDS Asset Management

Belt Joints Report / Belt Sections Report

Tracking Devices Report

Gearboxes Report / Gearboxes Detail Report

Cleaning Systems Report

Skirting Systems Report

Monitoring Devices Report

Motors Report / Motors Detail Report

Pulleys Report / Pulleys Detail Report

Idler Types Report / Structure Types Report

General Equipment Report


PDS Idler Management

Idler Analysis Report

Structure Analysis Report

Work Management - Idlers

Work Management - Structure

Idler Summary Report

Idler Failure Trend Report

Idler KPI Analysis Report

Idler Maintenance Report

Idler Maintenance Replacements

Work Management - Idlers Replaced


PDS Inspections

Adhoc Inspection Report

Work Order Inspection Report




PDS Wear Management

Belt Life History Report

Belt Wear Data Collection Report

Belt Wear Data Validation Report

Belt Wear Detailed Report

Belt Wear Planning Board

Belt Wear Suppliers Watchlist Report

Belt Wear Watchlist Report

Wear Profile and Trend Report

Wear Profile and Trend Report-3D

Chute Liner Wear Trend Report

HPGR Wear Detailed Report 

HPGR Wear Profile and Wear Delta Report

Shuttle Wheel Wear Detailed Report

Simplified Wear Detailed Report

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